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Check out the upcoming cyber ​​monday releases nike shoes colorways and let us know which one you want to cop!

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Cyber ​​monday Releases Nike Shoes, Pick your poison:C-SPAN: The best option if you don t want to listen to a bunch of talking heads, C-SPAN will start streaming the Barack Obama Inauguration pagentry starting on Saturday and provide an Inauguration stream all the way through Tuesday. C-SPAN s broadcast of the ceremony and parade will start at 7am ET on Monday.Hulu/Fox: Broadcast will run from 12 to 2pm ET, using the Fox News feed. You can also watch a rerun of the ceremony after.

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Cyber ​​monday Releases Nike Shoes nts lead up to the 2012 Production of The Vagina Monolgues (so be sure to check that event out as well!). For more information on the V-Day movement, click here. The first event of the week will be a self-defense session in the Aerobics Room in the BCLC from 5:30-6 PM on Monday. Come learn important martial arts techniques that you can use to defend yourself in potentially dangerous situations.Where: Nomad World Pub501 Cedar Ave. S.Minneapolis, .