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Continuing our relationship with the brand jewelry Hoorsenbuhs, the second release is the 140MM Leisure & Luxury. Evoking the spirit of its name, Leisure & Luxury is a classification lifestyle founded by Robert Keith.

Italian photographer Emanuele D'Angelo has a unique ability to capture beautiful pictures with her camera. Through his lens fashion photographer, music, and some of the most interesting people on the planet. Emanuele recently met with British hip hop star Danny Seth home of Jimmy Seth Goldstein to capture in the new gym Buscemi 125MM. Here's what Emanuel had to say.

Artist Angelo Otero caught the attention of Jon Buscemi because they share certain ideals. Everyone has perfected the art of recreating a remarkable piece of art into something more, something idyllic. They see what others do not, and then present it in a way that makes one wonders: "How did I not see that before.

The Buscemi 100MM Shoes was a very personal project for Jon Buscemi. "We made a first version of the 100 MM in a rich, deep navy blue, but when we were able to source leather for my standard in this particular blue, which is similar to the navy, I had to do it.

Skateboarding. Traditionally it is the antithesis of luxury cleaning. Safe distance from the nobility. Yet the skate culture is rooted in the principles of individuality, style, and expression - attributes shared by all those who navigate the streets of high and low.

Actor, musician, producer, entrepreneur, fashion designer Edison Chen is always love, but just do not seem to work. E 'him? And 'us? Ago love someone makes you responsible for their happiness? Love these shoes makes us happy.

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